Tutti a tavola
The Five Senses and Conviviality
14 April - 9 May

Villa Reale, Via Palestro 16
Pinacoteca di Brera, Via Brera 28

Tutti a tavola! (Everyone to the table!) (a common Italian expression used to summon family and guests around the dinner table as soon as the meal is ready) evokes the idea of family, but also of friendship, sociability, wellbeing, a festive atmosphere, elegance and habits of food consumption, and the unmistakable Italian style of being together, since the glorious times of the Roman convivium. 

While Eurocucina is on show at the Rho exhibition centre, the Saloni, in collaboration with the Municipality of Milan, is opening in the city centre with an event devoted to the idea of the kitchen and its symbolic associations. The halls of Villa Belgiojoso Bonaparte, also known as Villa Reale, become a stage to celebrate the special moment connecting the kitchen to the dinner table from the preparation to the consumption of food, and the senses and emotions that accompany them. The eighteenth-century aristocratic mansion, now the Gallery of Modern Art, hosts a journey through some of the most significant expressions of the act of eating and sharing food, seen as an act of beauty and creativity, evoked anew in its multiple expressions, both in a more private and intimate dimension and in a public and luxurious sphere. 

Tutti a tavola! is a guided path through this luxurious residence. Starting from the basement, originally used in the eighteenth century to host pantries and kitchens, the journey continue through the ground and first floors, celebrating the unique and specific spirit of Italian conviviality, investigating the emotions and values associated with the rituals of food consumption: from the kitchen as a place dedicated to the preparation of food to the kitchen as a familial space for the daily meal. On the first floor of the Villa, viewers can walk through the different rooms where different art forms - theatre, cinema, visual arts, music, design, literature and architecture – pay their tribute to the different types of meal in Italian culture: the dinner party, the wedding feast, the solidarity meal, the informal dinner with friends, the coffee break, the street food festival, the lunch break, and many more. 

The event – which takes place in collaboration with the Municipality of Milan, the Gallery of Modern Art of Villa Reale and the Brera Gallery – is curated by Franco Laera, artistic director of Change Performing Arts, which has previously offered various successful events during the Saloni, among which, in 2008, the Last Supper of Leonardo by Peter Greenaway at Palazzo Reale and in the Refectory of Santa Maria delle Grazie.

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